The jewels for the Winter have the task of making the wearer shine, in a season that traditionally looks like grey and dark. But Winter is also the season of Christmas parties that often lead us to attend events of various kinds.

The jewels therefore assume a fundamental importance in completing and highlighting, with style and refinement, the outfits and the figure of the wearer.

Beyond personal preferences and tastes, there are jewels that, thanks to their shades, perfectly match the typical colours of the cold season.

Platinum or white gold jewels, but also precious stones such as diamonds, blue sapphires, or pearls are the precious ideals to enrich winter looks.

The colour combinations to which these precious materials can give life, are irresistible. Take for example, rings in platinum or white gold with blue sapphire, or with blue topaz. The two shades blend perfectly with each other and also recall the nuances of the cold season, those of the snow, the azure ice and the clear winter sky.









The jewels with diamonds, with their extraordinary brightness, are the dream of every woman and match perfectly to each look, making themselves noticed for their preciousness and for their breath-taking beauty. Four seasons are obviously jewels that provoke amazement and admiration, and their brilliance forms a perfect union with the shades of the coldest months.









Among the jewels for the Winter there are also pearls. Candid and precious, they give light to the face and are well suited to different styles. Embellished with diamonds and white gold finishes, they become even more precious and brighter. Pearl earrings and pearl necklaces represent temptations that are hard to resist if you love beauty, class and sophistication.










Other interesting combinations for Winter are those that combine precious metals such as platinum and white gold with precious stones in warm and lively shades, in an encounter that communicates energy and passion, almost as if the fire emanates from the cold of the ice of passion, or a great life energy.









All the jewels for Winter also represent a wonderful gift idea for Christmas.


In our goldsmith workshop in Rome, we have created winter jewels able to highlight the innate elegance of every woman, and that are always noted for their refinement and exclusivity. From the most modern style, or from the classic and timeless style, our jewels can be customized to suit your taste. You can choose the metal, the type of precious stones and their number, indicate phrases, names, numbers or symbols for the internal and external engraving of the jewel, choosing the font you like most, or even using your own calligraphy.

The customization options that we provide our customers, both in our goldsmith workshop in Rome, via Crescenzio 43, and on our online store, are many.

For those who dream of creating a completely personalized jewel, we offer the possibility of fulfilling your wish! In our goldsmith laboratory in Rome, or through the site, it is possible to present an idea, a drawing, even a simple draft on paper, and we, thanks to our experience in the goldsmith’s art, will give life to your jewel!

For more information visit us at our goldsmith boutique in Rome or contact us using the contact details on the page!