Group gifts are collective gifts that are offered to a person to whom we are bound for different reasons, on the most disparate occasions. For example, it may be a special birthday, like that for eighteen or forty years of age, a graduation party, a wedding, but not only.

Sometimes it happens to make group gifts to a colleague who reaches an important milestone such as a promotion or retirement, or even a teacher who supported and encouraged our children during the school year, to show them our gratitude.

On these occasions, finding the right gift, able to put everyone in agreement and leave the party breathless, is never easy.

Often, due to lack of time or an agreement between all the participants, we end up buying the first thing that is close at hand, such as knick-knacks, plants, books, photo frames, or household items and the office. These are very classic gifts that do not always meet the expectations of all the members of the group, nor those of the celebrated. Why?

The truth is that these gifts are a bit ‘impersonal, and above all do not leave the party a lasting memory of the group and the moments spent together.


To be on the safe side, the best alternative is represented by customized jewelry!

Perfect for any occasion, from the most formal, to the friendliest ones, personalized jewels are precious objects that present a double value, effective and affective, to the celebrated.

These gifts, in fact, can be made by using different precious materials, such as gold of different colours, silver, or platinum, and perhaps be enriched with precious stones.

They have, as we said, a strong emotional value, because they are durable over time, ready to remind those who received them the opportunity they were given, and because they can be entirely customized in the forms, according to the indications provided by the group of participants, and with the engraving of their names, which can also occur using their real signatures.

In the photos, for example, we see beautiful personalized pendants: perfect gifts for a degree, for a teacher, for a promotion, a retirement, a special birthday, a wedding, every important event to remember… where each member of the group, each participant, will be concretely an integral part of the gift.

This type of gift like because it allows you to donate an exclusive item, designed specifically for its recipient, able to express clearly and preciously our gratitude, our happiness or our congratulations to a person is present in our lives in a manner special and precious.

Do you think that making a gift like this could involve an exaggerated use of time and resources? Not at all! Just rely on our experience!

In our goldsmith workshop located in Rome, Via Crescenzio 43, or from the comfort of your home, you can request this type of gift from our website.

We will give life to your personalized jewelry starting from your ideas or a simple drawing on a sheet of paper. We will keep in touch with you to show you the project realized with the most modern CAD design tools and we will update you on the phases of product processing. When the jewel is ready, we will send it to your address with free and insured shipping throughout Italy.

What do you think of this idea for group gifts? Send us your comments and continue to follow us!

See you soon!