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Practical Goldsmithing Course

Modern Goldsmithing Course

Among our goldsmithing courses, the modern goldsmithing course aims to show the fascinating world of goldsmith art directly in the field< /span>, within our goldsmith's laboratory.

In fact, we give participants the opportunity to practically learn the various processing techniques that lead to the finished jewel, from the raw metal to polishing, being able to benefit from the teachings of our professional goldsmith Luca.

To do this, we will start from the study of the laboratory tools and machinery, essential for banquet work, we will discover the metals with their characteristics and we will learn to know and handle the stones, for different colours, properties and shapes, admiring their beauty but also their critical issues.

We will also address different techniques of Setting and Setting as well as the different types of finishing of the metal (polishing, hammering, satin finishing...) without ever separating aesthetics and technical feasibility, fundamental for the creation of a unique and long-lasting jewel.

Practical Goldsmithing course levels:
Modern Goldsmithing Course
Level 1: Basic: Basic skills – 12 individual hours – €890.00 Theoretical introduction to goldsmithing (precious alloys, legal titles, hallmarking...) Use and practice fundamental tools (file, hacksaw, pliers, pins...) Using a welding torch Make a wire of the given section Making a simple silver band ring Making a simple rounded ring ring This course is designed for those who are fascinated and intrigued by the world of goldsmithing and are looking for a first practical approach. It will help you understand the talent and interest in the sector and possibly deepen your knowledge.
Modern Goldsmithing Course
Level 2: Medium - In-depth study - 15 individual hours - €1,080.00 Use of the bezel Surface processing, hammering and satin finishing Welding Respect quotas Using the handpiece and finishing Creation of a ring with prongs and/or bezel obtained by hand This course is designed for those who want to learn more about metalworking techniques, with which to create more complex and highly satisfying jewels.
Modern Goldsmithing Course
Level 3: Advanced - Setting - 20 individual hours - €1,580.00 Characteristics of the stones, merits and critical points Using the microscope Embedding in flat and curved surfaces Closing and finishing of a bezel Closing and finishing of prongs This course is designed for those who already have good manual skills and a good knowledge of goldsmith processing techniques and want to enrich, complete and enhance their projects, using the most suitable stones in terms of shape, color and application. Request information
Corso di Oreficeria Moderna
Corso di Oreficeria Moderna
Corso di Oreficeria Moderna

3D Jewelery Modeling Course:
From Design to 3D Printing

3D jewel modeling course

Our course aims to create specific skills in the design, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Jewelry Design and 3d Printing, software such as Rhinoceros, Nauta, Fictor, are today the basis of modern jewelry, high technology and advanced skills , to enter the world of jewelery as professionals.

The in-depth knowledge of design and 3D printing is a fundamental requirement for working in this sector and this is what our path aims to do.

Not just a design course jewel but also a practical in-depth course to get to 3D printing also passing through the knowledge of the 3D printing software.

Starting from an idea, we proceed to design, then the discussion with the goldsmith technician, the rendering,< /strong> the presentation to the customer, we will then see how to set the print file from which to obtain the resin that will be used for casting.

The CAD-CAM technique is today the main method for designing and manufacturing jewellery.
Level 1 – Basic skills - 12 individual hours - €890.00 Basics, graphical interface and commands Simple ring constructions: measurement calculation, basic sections; Construction of more articulated rings: solid in plane and projection on curve; Designing simple pendants: images and extruding curves; Jewelry design with reliefs and engravings The program of this course is designed for those who are interested in undertaking a journey in the field of jewelery design, do not know how to design in 3D but would like to learn, this course allows a first important approach to the world of jewelery to understand opportunities and interest.
3D Jewelery Modeling Course
Level 2 - Autonomy - 15 individual hours – €1,080.00 Insertion of stones, settings and prongs Solitaires and stones on the stem Jewelry design with cambers and levels Pendants and Earrings on different levels The program of this course is designed for those who want to deepen their basic knowledge of jewelery design, this course allows you to reach a good level of autonomy in jewelery design.
3D Jewelery Modeling Course
Level 3 - Advanced - 20 individual hours – €1,470.00 Complex Seals and Rings Construction of settings and prongs for particular and/or irregular stones Complex jewels Preparation of 3D printing files and construction of supports The program of this course is designed for those who are already competent, have been using Rhino for some time and know how to manage the program independently, but want to improve their skills to achieve full mastery and design any type of jewel. Request information
3D Jewelery Modeling Course
Corso di Modellazione 3D del Gioiello