The stones have always represented an important symbolic meaning, which can also be higher than their aesthetic and economic value.

The habit of wearing the stones, with particular reference to the month of birth, also known as lucky stones or birthstones, originated in Poland in the fifteenth century.

These gems, however, originated from the breastplate of Aaron, known as the “breastplate of judgment.”
The Jewish priests wore it in religious ceremonies. It had 12 gems of the twelve tribes of Israel, and also representing the 12 Zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year.

The first contemporary age list was written in 1912 by the Jewellers of America, then recently reworked by the AGTA , the American Gem Trade Association.

You can choose the stone of the month, or lucky stone, on the occasion of a birthday, an anniversary or any other significant event.

A Stone for each Birth Month or Birthstone.
Discover Your Lucky Stone and His Meaning in the table below.

Month Stone Meaning
January Garnet It helps to discover their potential and away the fears.
February Amethyst It strengthens friendships . It promotes concentration and the will to fight . It protects the house.
March Aquamarine It gives courage , transmits serenity and facilitates dialogue.
It became a talisman of love and family.
April Diamond Symbol of Purity, love.
May Emerald It gives wisdom, improves eyesight.
June Alexandrite, Pearl Alexandrite: Strengthens intuition.Pearl: Protection and serenity. It attracts money and promotes economic prosperity.
July Ruby Passion , long life.
August Peridot Availability, security.
September Sapphire Peace , wisdom and joy.
October Opal,Tourmaline Opal: beauty, success and luck.Tourmaline: strengthens rationality . It clarifies the internal blocks and leads to introspection.
November Citrine,Topaz Citrine: prosperity , it is helping them realize their dreams.Topaz: the nobility , strengthens the ‘ sincere friendship and gives peace of mind
December Tanzanite, Turquoise Tanzanite: confidence , stimulates thoughts practical and pragmatic.Turquoise: increases wellbeing.

In the past, the ancients wore every month a different gem and even today many people think that the powers of the stones can be stronger  in their birth month.

Gemstones admirers will now definitely good reasons to buy the entire collection of gems and wear them all over the year.

You just need to have imagination and decide which stone to collect: you want to recall the month of marriage, that of your engagement or that of the first meeting? Or one for any occasion!

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