Our services

Jewelry’s Design

LeS Creations creates, plans and designs custom and unique jewelry.
The customer can choose between the ideas that has been already created or take cues from specialized magazines in the store, bring his own ideas, or a sketch, a drawing, or simply let himself be advised by the staff of the boutique, by the goldsmith and jewel designer.
We create entirely bespoke jewelery, making use of advanced technologies always emphasizing the beauty and uniqueness of the traditional goldsmith’s art.

Threading of necklaces and bracelets

We design, manufacture, sneak necklaces and bracelets, with pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, in gold and in silver.
Necklaces and bracelets are made entirely on measurement: from the selection of the stones, the composition of the drawing, the choice of closure, until the actual threading, everything in our jewelery’s workshop.

Custom Engraving

We carry out all theengravings,in a totally customized way, on any kind of precious metals, gold, silver and platinum.

Machining goldsmith and Repairs

We carry out every Machining goldsmith with care and skill, to give the customer a product of excellence.
We carry out also repairs to all precious metals’ objects.

Rhodium plating and polishing

All jewels are in need of care, we take care of their maintenance, in order for the jewel to be always shine by itself.