Love Engagement ring

Engagement ring: how to choose the perfect one

The choice for the engagement ring is not easy, because it is a very special object for both part, for who receive it and for who give it.

This moment is full of strong emotion that you will remember for all the life, and means to seal a promise of love, that will last for ever.

For the woman this ring will be one of the most important objects of her life. In according to a research, during her life, she will admires her ring more than a million of time.

Love Engagement ring

Engagement Ring: the perfect choose

As consequence, for the man, this choice is truly complex, sometimes in fact he asks advises to friend e dears or he search online. To surprise her, it’s necessary know her tastes, see the jewels and clothes that usually she wear, and pay attention to what she says to catch some suggestion.

In this article we will talk about the most important variable to choose the engagement ring, starting from the more frequent questions of our clients.




There are no rules about time or the best way to do that.

It’s always a personal choice. Every couple is unique, like the engagement ring. The essential is to live everything with the heart full of love and emotion, and the engagement ring is one of the things that brings emotion…




Even the choice of the metal, is very personal, maybe influenced by the taste of the beloved one. As we said before, looking her accessorise, studying her look, is possible to understand what she could like to receive. In this way you can understand if she has a particular preference for one specific metal or for one colour. The white gold for example, is particularly modern while the yellow gold is more classic. The pink gold, withhis vintage charm is perfect for the romantic women, o for those who love a vintage style. Platinum is perfect for dynamics and brilliants women.



In the choice of the engagement ring, the most traditional option is the solitaire ring in platinum or in white gold, surmounted by a diamond that can be of different sizes, based on economic availability. The solitaire ring is the symbol of eternal love like the diamond set on it.

There are obviously other types of ring that can be given to your loved one, all beautiful. There is the “trilogy“, the “veretta” and the “contrariè”.

Say it with a Trilogy

The Trilogy is a ring with 3 diamond, while the veretta mounts more than three diamonds, 5 or more, usually is completely surrounded by diamonds that’s way it is also called eternity veretta because it symbolizes love without end.


The contrariè is a ring with two stones, one in front of the other, can be two diamonds but also 2 coloured stones, or a diamond and a coloured stone, such as sapphire, ruby, or other precious stones.





Tradition has it that on the engagement rings are present diamonds.

The choice of the diamond is connected to tradition and its particular symbolism. “Diamond” is a term that derives from the Greek “adams” (αδαμας) which means indomitable, invincible. It is in fact the hardest and most resistant gem, and as such it represents something that lasts over time and, therefore, represents eternal love.


When choosing to buy a diamond it is good to check that the stones are authentic and have the appropriate certifications and it is advisable to evaluate the different aspects of the stone.


Some people prefer other precious gems, both for their different colours and for their different meanings. Choosing a coloured stone for the engagement ring is also a beautiful and unusual way to bring out its beauty and originality.

Among the most loved gems there is the blue sapphire, also loved by celebrities. The most famous is the Lady Diana’s engagement ring, which was then given by Prince William to the beautiful Kate Middleton. The blue sapphire conveys a feeling of calm, of trust, and thus symbolizes loyalty.

Ruby indicates passionate love and adds passion and royalty to your ring.


Emerald is a bright and vivid colour stone with natural tones and is linked to the concept of positivity. In this context, in fact, it symbolizes a happy and successful union.


The aquamarine symbolizes a lasting and happy marriage, transparent as the water of the sea.




Generally, engagement rings are enriched with precious stones, but as we said, the choice is linked to personal tastes. You can also choose a ring with a special engraving (lyrics, a meaningful phrase, special symbols or different alphabets like the one in Elvish style), perfect for a sporty and very dynamic woman.


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