Trilogy ring: the meaning and the best occasions to give it to someone special.

Trilogy ring is one of the most loved and desired jewels.
A Trilogy is made up of gold or platinum with a three gems set. Usually brilliant-cut diamonds are used but, according to personal taste, it is possible to affix different kinds of gemstones, like rubies, emeralds, sapphires or topazes.

Why give a trilogy?
trilogy ring

The three gemstones set on the ring have a deep significance for lovers because those represent eternity.
That kind of ring expresses the extraordinary message “I loved you (Past), I love you (Present), I will always love you (Future)”.
Another meaning for the trilogy ring is the catholic one, under which the gemstones represent the trinity, Lord, Savior and the Holy Spirit to bless the couple.

On which occasion give a trilogy ring.

Clearly, the best occasion is the marriage proposal, but it can be also given to celebrate an important anniversary, showing your love is still strong as it was in the past and that it is destined to last forever, or it can be given in an important occasion in the life of the couple, like the birth of a child.

Luca Marsiliani, goldsmith of LeS Creations gold laboratory, realizes delightful trilogy rings in platinum and gold and he is able to create charming customized jewels.
If you’re thinking about an originally designed trilogy ring, you can come to our store in Rome to describe your idea or you can send us a draft from the dedicated web page and Luca will shape your emotions!
Instead, if you don’t have a particular idea, you can check our online catalogue and choose through a lot of wonderful models, or you can come to our laboratory in the beautiful city of Rome, in Via Crescenzio 43, or set an online order you’ll receive anywhere through our traced shipment insured at 100% of the product value.

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Trilogy Rings Les Creations

  • elizabeth-ring-anello-trilogy

    Elizabeth Ring

     2.930,00 7.990,00 Select options
  • Mari-ring

    Marilyn Ring

     2.930,00 7.990,00 Select options
  • Josephine-ring-veretta-diamanti

    Josephine Ring

     3.950,00 4.630,00 Select options
  • Trilogy-diamanti-oro-bianco

    Audrey Ring

     3.100,00 5.825,00 Select options
  • anello-oro-bianco-Acquamarina-e-diamante

    Twin Ring

     1.380,00 2.590,00 Select options
  • Flower Ring

     2.985,00 8.180,00 Select options
  • Cyclone Ring

     1.120,00 1.620,00 Select options
  • anello-trilogy-fidanzamento-caesar-ring

    Caesar Ring

     2.540,00 5.980,00 Select options