Luca Marsiliani is our goldsmith LeS Creations

Goldsmith Art: from ancient to modern

Metalworking for jewels’ creation is an ancient art that requires technical and artistic competence and also a touch of genius, essential ingredients for the creation of a work of art. A great goldsmith is also an artist whose unique works can purchase value only through the beauty and harmony of the creation.

Italian professional goldsmith are among the most admired in the whole world thanks to their capacities and their aesthetic sense, derived from a long tradition closely linked to the classical period.

realizzazione artigianale gioielli goldsmith

Over time, also goldsmith have become opened up to new technologies and so they learnt how to use both traditional and innovative techniques, in order to shape original jewels.

In the gold laboratory LeS Creations we join artisanal high-end jewelry techniques with new digital technologies, with a view to create original and refined jewels.

Luca Marsiliani is our goldsmith; he has learnt very particular techniques during the course of his training and profession.

Graduated at Accademia delle Arti Orafe of Rome in Jewelry, Jewelry setting and mounting, Luca deals with all of the technical processes for the creation of jewels, from fusion to realization.

Instead, Silvia Mariani and Flaminia Gagliano, our jewel designers, deal with the modern phase of the jewels’ production through computerized planning CAD-CAM.

As we said, to combine the best digital technologies with the traditional artisanal techniques allows us to obtain various benefits including a refined customization.

Unlike industrial production, in our gold laboratory LeS Creations we are able to create unique jewels, particularly appropriate for people who want to wear something exclusive.

Thanks to CAD-CAM, for example, we can create a jewel basing on a simple sketch on a piece of paper!

CAD jewels goldsmith Life Ring


After the designing and prototyping phases, carried out with next-gen 3D printers, we go to realization phase where the artisan’s ability comes in!

The result will be exceptional so to permit to wear an original and unique jewel.

On our website or in our store in Via Crescenzio 43 in Rome, you can look at our models and choose your customization!

Luca, Silvia and Flaminia will know how to turn your precious dream in a reality to show off in an important occasion or to give to someone special.

Online purchase is safe and it allows you to receive the item you chose through a traced shipment insured at 100% of the product value.


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