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To find the perfect Christmas gift for him is always difficult. That’s why we want to give you some ideas that will make your choice easier.

In recent years, even the male universe has become increasingly attentive to the world of precious accessories, objects admired certainly because beautiful and valuable, but also because they are able to communicate style, sophistication and character.

In our goldsmith workshop in Rome we have also thought about men and for them we have created jewels with a decidedly more masculine design, to wear to show more personality and enrich your look.

The rings are among the most appreciated jewels of the moment. In the hands of many men, in the last months you have certainly seen the seal rings, or chevalier, shine.

Christmas gift for him

Customize your Chevalier ring as Christmas gift for him

These rings show a symbol or initials on the setting. In this way, besides being very beautiful to see, they become a vehicle of a particular meaning, or a distinctive sign that represents its owner, shows its personality, or its origins. In this period, they are among the precious objects most appreciated by men and represent a true declaration of good taste and style.

In our goldsmith workshop we create fully customized chevalier rings, which will surely make those who receive them as a gift happy.

Another perfect ring for Christmas gifts is the Feel Ring, a bicolour jewel that can be made in silver or gold, whose central band is coloured with a white, blue, bordeaux or black enamel. At the centre of the glazed band can also be placed a sentence, a name or significant words, send the text you prefer, we will design the ring entirely tailored.

Customizable ring

The Feel ring is the perfect choose as Christmas gift for him

The Boxing Ring can be a perfect gift for a determined, gritty person, or simply for a boxing lover. It is a ring made of rhodium-plated silver (on request also in Gold or Platinum), particularly bright, on which stands a boxing glove. A precious stone can also be set on the ring, as seen in the photo below.

Among the Christmas gifts 2018 for him there are also the Roman Ring and the Premium White Paper Ring.

The first is a ring made of 18kt gold, yellow, white, red or pink, with a band that can be 10, 8 or 6mm wide. The design is perfect for a man of character who knows how to appreciate the beauty of ornamental objects and wants to complete his look with style. To make the object even more special, a precious diamond can be set on its band, and a sentence can be engraved on both its inside and outside. Important to note that the external engraving is a deep incision, made with the CAD-CAM technique, will remain over time, always with your special phrase.

The Premium White Paper Ring is the perfect gift for a person who wants to communicate something significant or show his personality through a phrase engraved on the band of the same. The band can be 12, 10, 8 or 6mm wide, and you can customize the engraving by choosing the font you like best.

When we talk about Christmas gifts, perfect for him, we cannot help thinking about the object most appreciated by every man: the watch.

Customizable watch

The watch as symbol of immortal elegance

The watch is an accessory symbol of elegance and good taste, to wear to show your class and, why not, to collect. In our goldsmith workshop in Rome, located in via Crescenzio 43, we produce precious handcrafted clocks, high-end pieces of jewellery created by hand. Who wants to give a craft clock can opt for an internal manual mechanism, automatic, or quartz, and can choose between vintage mechanisms developed by the most famous brands, and the mechanisms Les Creations.

As for women, even for men it is possible to give a jewel that mounts some lucky birthstones (if you want to find out which is the most suitable stone to give to your loved one, read our table of birth stones, with their particular meanings), or completely personalized jewels, that we realize starting from one of your ideas or from your sketchy sketch on paper (discover here how to give life to your jewel completely personalized).

Would you like to buy and customize one of our jewels but do not live in Rome and you have no way to visit us at the venue? No fear! On our online store you can buy the jewel that you like and tell us your preferences through the options available. In addition, we will stay in touch with you to provide you with all kinds of information on jewels making. When your gift is ready, we will send it to the address indicated by express courier, with insured shipping for 100% of the value of the product. And shipping in Italy is free!

What are you waiting for? Christmas is getting closer and making jewels in a traditional way takes time. Order precious gifts as soon as possible for those you care about! For more information contact us at the addresses on the page.