LeS Creations Gold Laboratory

LeS Creations Gold Laboratory: we shape your emotions.

Unique emotions as a gift to satisfy your most precious desires: that’s the purpose of LeS Creations gold laboratory.

LeS Creations Gold Laboratory gioielli personalizzati Roma emozioni uniche



For years we have created original custom jewelry to generate notable, wearable emotions. A jewel is a precious gift for ourselves or for people we consider important in our lives, to celebrate special occasions or to simply show our love and care. A jewel is an item that never loses its value and beauty or, better still, it acquires them in time through the memory of the emotions felt at its very first





How jewels are made in LeS Creations gold laboratory

In LeS Creations gold laboratory we can see every day the emotions of gifting a jewel: joy, sentiment and passion are always in the eyes of our clients.

Any person, such as any emotion, is unique.

That’s why we decided to create customizable objects, because each of them tells us about the story of who imagined it, of who designed it and, last but not least, the story of who will wear it. We provide all of our abilities and resources for our clients in order to always pay the proper attention. No intermediates: the designer and the goldsmith start a direct dialogue with the client to pursue the best result in the shortest possible time.

We chose to remain faithful to Italian’s jewelry tradition, giving it a fair share of innovation; that’s why we realize our jewels using both the most traditional craftsmanship technique and the modern CAD and CAM technologies.

CAD and CAM technologies LeS Creations Gold Laboratory



We could have restrict our job to design, or we could have opened a jewelry store to sell big brands’ industrial products, void of that personal touch and of that passion which make an item unique of its kind. Instead, we chose to tell stories through our hands.



In our gold laboratory LeS Creations we celebrate your emotions, your personalities, your desires. We are at your disposal to help you in transforming your dreams in a precious reality, for creating something exclusive to be both worn and given. If you come and see us, in our laboratory in Rome, in Via Crescenzio 43, you can outline your dream jewel and have all of our experience to make it become a reality. For further information, come visit us in the beautiful city of Rome or contact us for an online order! We can keep in touch online from the very first moment of your idea, showing you your project step by step through a 3D preview rendering, until the moment of shipping, traced and insured at 100% of the product value.

We are waiting for you!