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For Diamonds, starting from 0.30 ct, the cost includes the GIA international gemological certification, with laser inscription on the stone.

Solitaire ring in 18 kt white Gold or Platinum 950 with Natural Diamond.

Every jewel, every ring, every pendant, everything is entirely custom made, even if they are already existing models on our website. Projects are always designed from the beginning, according to the proportions of the chosen dimensions, size of the finger, selected stone. We have no frames ready to adapt to the chosen solutions, we have chosen to redesign every jewel from the beginning, to respect the characteristics of each choice, the proportions of each person and the aesthetic taste of each jewel, because each creation is truly unique, as the story of who will wear it.
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Solitaire ring in 18 kt Gold or Platinum with central Diamond.
Jewel made with CAD-CAM technique, finished and hand-set in our goldsmith laboratory.

The GIA certified diamond, in all carats, has the following characteristics: D-F color, VS1-VS2 clarity, good/excellent cut, laser inscribed on the stone with diamond serial number.
Diamonds with our guarantee have the following characteristics: D-F, VS.

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Since these are handcrafted jewels, therefore unique pieces, the photos are purely indicative.

This ring is perfect as an engagement ring when, symbolically, what is two becomes one. From the engagement the two boyfriends become one, they become an essential “WE”.

The alternating satin-glossy workmanship highlights the moment of change, the couple rises to a higher level, the bond becomes solid, deep, a big step towards what will happen from marriage, when the union will become truly indissoluble.

But this ring can be perfect as a gift for a birth, when love between two people generates a new life by creating a unique family. The birth of a baby, in every family, marks a new beginning, a “Before” and an “After”, emphasized by the different workmanship, this ring will be a tangible reminder of a special moment, the perfect moment, in which the “After ” has taken the place of the “Before”, nothing will be as before, being a family will make everything wonderfully unique.