Peter Twins

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Cufflinks in 18kt Gold with glaze or design in bas-relief.

Every jewel, every ring, every pendant, everything is entirely custom made, even if they are already existing models on our website. Projects are always designed from the beginning, according to the proportions of the chosen dimensions, size of the finger, selected stone. We have no frames ready to adapt to the chosen solutions, we have chosen to redesign every jewel from the beginning, to respect the characteristics of each choice, the proportions of each person and the aesthetic taste of each jewel, because each creation is truly unique, as the story of who will wear it.

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Cufflinks in 18kt Gold, white, yellow or rose with glaze or design in bas-relief.

Jewelry made with CAD-CAM technology and finished by hand in our Laboratory Goldsmith.

Unique Creation.

Being handcrafted jewelry, unique examples, the photos are indicative.