Fantasy Ring

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Ring in 18 kt Gold with deep engraving in Elvish alphabet.

Every jewel, every ring, every pendant, everything is entirely custom made, even if they are already existing models on our website. Projects are always designed from the beginning, according to the proportions of the chosen dimensions, size of the finger, selected stone. We have no frames ready to adapt to the chosen solutions, we have chosen to redesign every jewel from the beginning, to respect the characteristics of each choice, the proportions of each person and the aesthetic taste of each jewel, because each creation is truly unique, as the story of who will wear it.
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Ring acheivable in 18kt Gold (white, yellow or rose) or in platinum with deep engraving in Elvish alphabet.

Jewelry made with CAD-CAM technology, finished by hand in our Goldsmith Laboratory.

ring with custumerized engraving, sentence chosen by the weds and written in Elvish alphabet

Unique Creation.

The cost refers to a single ring. To buy both wedding rings, proceed with the selection of customizations for the first ring (measuring, engraving…), add to the cart the first ring, then continue with the same procedure for the second ring.

As we are dealing with handcrafted jewelry, unique pieces, the photos are purely indicative.

Our elven rings are entirely custom made. The weds can choose every detail. From the precious metal (Platinum, Gold or Silver) we are gioing to use , the text of the engravings: a significant phrase, the title or part of a song or even their names. They can choose the text they want and they will be also able to see how it will be distributed around the faith, before the realization! After having agreed on the possible text, we will send the project by email or whatsapp.

Our external engravings are different from the internal ones, this is because the external ones are more exposed to external agents and must be made in  a way to preserve the beautiful engraving on the precious metal. The particular way in which the external engraving is made, not only makes it long-lasting but also makes the elven rings very beautiful, particular and even more unique.