Chevalier Ring

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Chavalier ring available in all Gold color 18kt and in rhodium plated Silver 925.

Every jewel, every ring, every pendant, everything is entirely custom made, even if they are already existing models on our website. Projects are always designed from the beginning, according to the proportions of the chosen dimensions, size of the finger, selected stone. We have no frames ready to adapt to the chosen solutions, we have chosen to redesign every jewel from the beginning, to respect the characteristics of each choice, the proportions of each person and the aesthetic taste of each jewel, because each creation is truly unique, as the story of who will wear it.
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Chavalier ring achievable in all Gold color 18kt and in rhodium Silver 925.

Is possible to insert a Diamond 0.02 ct, Color F, Clarity VS, Cut Very Good.

Jewelry made with CAD-CAM technology, hand-finished and encased in our Goldsmith Laboratory.

In addition to the oval shape, on request, is possible to design the ring in other shapes (round, square with rounded corners, heart or other custom shapes).

The Chevalier ring was born as a family symbol, it had the family crest imprinted on the seal, so that noble families could sign important documents by imprinting the ring on the lacquer wax.

Today the Chevalier ring has taken on a new meaning. It is no longer used to sign documents but very often it always remains a family symbol  or a symbol of our own identity. Some customers choose to insert the family crest as it was originally done. Others create their own family crest with us, which will be the symbol for future generations. Others insert their initials or an important emblem, to pass it on to posterity. In all cases this particular ring always takes on a profound value.

We can make this ring in different shapes, the oval shape is perhaps the most common, but we can create rectangular, square, irregular shapes and obviously also the round shape.

Since each ring is made entirely custumerized, the protagonist in the design is always the content of the seal, whether it’s a coat of arms, a symbol or the initials of your name, the project is created exclusively for you. We will recommend the most suitable shape and size so that the design is clear and the ring is proportionate for the finger that will wear it.

We make signet custom rings, in terms of size, shape, thickness, every detail is fully customizable.

The costs refer to the oval signet ring measuring approximately 13mm x 15mm. We create custom-made estimates for each jewel.

Unique Creation. Since these are handcrafted jewels, so unique pieces, the photos are purely indicative.